The ProSuite-based solutions are created in order to automate the routine work that allows you to speed up the job execution and improve its quality.

All ProSuite applications can work both independently and interact with each other. Having purchased one of the applications you can easily broaden its functionality by purchasing other ProSuite applications. There is no need for you to buy all the ProSuite applications at once — you can choose only those products which your company needs.

Much more than following collaborative software!


ProSuite was designed as a modular and scalable system. With a unique architecture and VDOM technology, it is possible to create composite applications based on the building blocks that are the software ProSuite range.

So many solutions for businesses based on common elements namely, contacts, time elements (Planning), user management, file management, research and heart communication : Email.

However, the generic solutions often lack specific functions required for a particular vertical industry. With an open software architecture inside the range ProSuite allow customization through the development of Plug-IN.

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