PrintToWeb is THE web REVOLUTION made possible by combining the VDOM and WHOLE technologies.
Indeed, with PrintToWeb, any application that is capable of printing can now publish its content directly to the Web.

And since PrintToWeb lets you publish directly from your favourite programs, CMS and other web content management applications are no longer required.
Whatever the content produced by your program, it will first be transformed into VDOM objects and then into HTML, FLASH, PDF, or some other format accessible via a web browser.

This technology requires no special training or costly installation, and is fully compatible with all software programs. PrintToWeb is THE most significant REVOLUTION in web technologies since the advent of the Web itself.

Technically, PrintToWeb is a printing driver whose purpose it is to convert PostScript output into a VDOM object structure. Thanks to the WHOLE technology, this object structure can be serialised and transmitted to the VDOM server. 

The transformation logic is handled by a JavaScript script stored on the web server. This solution allows limitless implementation of sophisticated transformations.
This fully customisable structure makes PrintToWeb the ULTIMATE SOLUTION for publishing content to the Web.