As powerful as it is without good platform development tools is nothing, this is how an associate of the Platform were created a set of tools to develop modern and efficient applications.

The criteria that make this platform a real OS for the web are:

1 - The platform should manage themselves, that is to say that the user does not have to configure the components of the platform, when the system starts, it is immediately operational, even if it is the first startup.

2 - The system must allow the installation, updating and deleting applications so simple. Like the Windows installers.

3 - The system should provide as accessible from the Framework development environment all the functions needed to create modern applications, such as a repository of authentication, a system of independent files IAAS a mechanism for backup / failback, etc ...

4 - He must manage the rights associated with software and services.

5 - It must have a built-in mechanism that allows the deployment of applications development environment.

This is what provides the platform VDOM box and much more ...